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OKTO -Sponsorship
Award-ceremony. November 5, 2017 Barbara Eppensteiner, Content Director OKTO TV    Foto Michael Lukele


The OKTO Audience Award was selected by the festival audience. Each film in the short film competitiom German speaking countries could be judged by the public through giving points to each film. The winner of the elections was a brand new film of the Berliner film maker Christian Heinbockel. His charming love comedy has the English title "Speaking of Love". Original title is "Lass uns von Liebe sprechen" (Link to the trailer, without subtitles)
The film has been completed in 2017 and is 19:26 min long. It was shown on Saturday, the 4th of November in the program Competition I.

Wir congratulate Christian Heinbockel to this award!

Cash prize: 500 Euro sponsored by  OKTO TV


Voting -2017
The audience voting in Metro Kinokulturhaus  Vienna                                                                          Foto Michael Lukele