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Performance poetry & live visuals


The first Art Visuals & Poetry Festival took place on 17th of October 2011 at the 3raum-Anatomietheater. The first festival was dedicated to visualized literature. For the time being, the first own festival in a theatrical context enabled special features such as spatial concepts in the visuals. These possibilities were not available on a smaller scale or at partner venues on the road.


At the beginning Art Visuals & Poetry was an artist collective that experimented with the mix Spoken Word and High Culture (2010) and Live Visuals under the direction of Sigrun Höllrigl. This resulted in the first two Performance Poetry Festivals in 2011 and 2012. The visualists 4youreye were the defining artists of these years.  In 2011 the visual artist starsky was added as a festival artist. Film was then just the second product of the live visualised performance poetry evenings.



>/ starsky working approach / starsky on visual poetry / ?
"The examination of language, writing, typeface and word images has always been inherent in my work. Mostly, however, it is my own texts, as in "80 questions about the world", or alienated phrases, as in the case of the propaganda machine or the random indoctrinator, which, in Dadaist distortion, return the phraseology of power spilling out of the media noise to precisely those places of power;In this case, it is about the interplay of two media, an author's reading together with a live video performance, with regard to the creation of hybrids: literary performance and poetry film. The challenge is, on the one hand, to create synergies and synaesthesias between the levels of language and image, the emergence of a whole, a kind of amalgamated but fleeting fusion of language and moving image; on the other hand, however, to give each medium its own space, its own adequate language, and to enter into a discourse between the participating media as well as between individuals, in which neither one translates the other, nor pictures or illustrates the other, nor does the one seem to be the illustrious accessory of the other, swaying along in the hubbub of events. A wild mixture, oscillating between delimitation and dissolution of boundaries, a discursive interplay: a game.



from the origin of life to the principle of destruction and death text Hubert Kramar,  visual arts starsky, 2011
ein blaues tier sich verneigt   text Sigrun Höllrigl,  visual arts/performance  starsky 2011
kuss auf den busen   text Sigrun Höllrigl,  visual arts/performance starsky,    2011
kuss auf den busen
deine zunge drang unter die haut und küsste meinen busen an der innersten stelle unter dem herzen. wie ich mich aufbäume und frage: „wer bist du? dass ich mein innerstes vor dir entblöße und nackt stehe vor dir und ringe um atem und dein interesse. nichts ist dir anzusehen, willst du willst du nicht? vordringen in mein innerstes. warum küsst du mich überhaupt auf den busen, in mein innerstes?
/was ich nie getan habe / o. t. / mutter /    text/musik Jörg Zemmler,     visual arts  4youreye,  2011
4youreye mission statement
Normally we deal with the visualization of music, no matter if it is electronic sounds or classical music. Now we wrap texts in picture clothes, add another layer to the spoken word - the moving image. Text and video are supposed to merge into one. The rhythm of the speech, the "timbre" of the speaker, intonation and style, but also textual topics are our points of reference for visual implementation. The work is always done live, i.e. FX produced in real time. The intention is to let text and visuals become one; words are made visible and can be experienced in a completely different way. Time-bound unique pieces are created, fed by computer animation, found footage and self-produced material. Found, invented and rediscovered material serve as fragmentary set pieces, from which a variety is created with collecting frenzy and reinterpretation power. History is understood as an infinite, Babylonian archive of images, colours, words and signs, in order to explore new open spaces for poetry. our motto "This is 4youreye, this is just a moment in time" becomes in this project the poetry of the moment, which should unfold in the viewer as a "magic moment".
Yorick stirbt    text Joachim Vötter,  visual arts 4youreye  2012