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Visual art performance Ex tenebris: VOX

/// 4youreye ProjectionArt /// Rhea Krcmarova ///
/// NIghtline Live /// Pay as you wish ///




Saturday,  4th of November 2017 22:30, main cinema Metro Kinokulturhaus, 1010 Vienna

In their performance, Viennese projection arts duo 4 youreye and author and text artist Rhea Krcmárová develop new ways of the fusion beween light and sound, between projection art and literature. The performace, located on the border beween light and darkness, explores the nuances of full and half shadow, plays with fragments of voice and light, and searches for parallels between voice and light, between silence and shadows.


4youreye  ProjectionART

youreye was established in the early 1990s and is based on the Rave, Ambient and Club culture of that decade. 4youreye have, since their creation over 10 years ago, not only became famous  in their own country but also they can look back to manys successful international performances. The 2man crew stand for fast hard cuts and unconventional screen sequences taking images that we believe to know from old viewing habits, out of their original context to then generate them into a completely new context. That, what music tries its best to express, is portrayed here in always changing picture collages.
They work principally live, so in real time produced FX with the intentiont o combine music and visuals into one form entity. Music becomes visual and can be experienced in a totally different way.
There emerge unique time-limited images, fed out of computer images, TVsamples and their own productions. Found, imagined and found again serve as fragmentary clichés which then with acquisitiveness and the strength of reinterpretation create a mind-boggling diversity. Stories are understood as a never-ending Babylonian Archive of pictures, media, sounds and symbols that explore the open spaces of the future. Aesthetically, 4youreye relate their non linear and expansive conceptions towardst he abstract Art films of the 1920`s, the literary and politicalcut-up and collage technique of the experimental films from the 1950`s / 60`s, the complete concept of the happening art and rockconcerts of the 1970`s and the live concept of the video scratchers of the 1980`s.. There a long term cooperation with Art Visuals & Poetry visualizing literature.  4youreye lives and works in Vienna / Austria


Born in Prague. 1981 Emigration of her family to Austria.
B.A. in creative writing (University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2013). She also studied classical singing, acting and theatre theory.
2014 publication of her debut novel “Venus in echt” (Real Venus, edition a, Wien). Other published work – plays, prose, essays – in anthologies and literary magazines (SALZ. Lautschrift, LICHTUNGEN …). Several scholarships and literature prizes, inluding the Land NÖ Literaturpreis Wartholz und a one year scholarship (Projektstipendium) granted by the Austrian Chancellor`s Office (BKA 2014),  young playwright`s programme “wiener wortstaetten” and The Young Playwright`s Workshop at the Theaterbiennale Wiesbaden.Transmedial text art and performance projects, including a cooperation with the visual artists duo 4youreye.
Since spring 2016 Instagram poetry ( ).
January 2017 performance of the play “Die Serpentinen hinauf” (Serpentines, Lokaltheater, Vienna). Early 2018 publication of the short story collection “Böhmen ist der Ozean” (Bohemia is the Ocean, Kremayr & Scheriau, Vienna)