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Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival November 9-13, 2021

Old well-known faces and new stars in the poetry film heaven can be seen during the sixth Vienna Poetry Film Festival at the Künstlerhaus! Come and see!

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Weimar Poetry Film Award 2021

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Festival poem, on which the competition SPECIAL AWARD 2021 is based. Free Download.

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The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival will take place November 9-13, 2021. Information about program details coming soon!

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Sleeping Alone | Marc Neys/Amy Miller (Belgium/USA)

Marc Neys is an important artist in the poetry film world. He has created appr. 300 video poems before he changed his focus to make music. We honor his passion for poetry film making presenting one of his last work, "Sleeping Alone" by Marc Neys in collaboration with the US poet Amy Smith.

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