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Hubert Sielecki Award donated by Hubert Sielecki to an Austrian poetry film of his choice


Moritz Stieber-Preis-2017
Award-ceremony November 5, 2017 Hubert Sielecki with prize winner Moritz Stieber       Foto Michael Lukele


Jury statement Hubert Sielecki-Preis

The film tells in less than 10 minutes a story written by Edgar Allen Poe with a very clearly understandable narrative voice. A young hypnotist tries to postpone the death of the dying Mr. Valdemar by hypnosis.

We have selected the film for the carefully selected piano music by Tchaikovsky, breathtaking camera acts in innovative black and white and a professional and outstanding lighting and editing. It is masterpiece of poetry film and artistic short film.


The main prize goes to  THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF Mr. VALDEMAR by Moritz Stieber!



Cash prize 500 Euro. Private sponsorship by Hubert Sielecki


Text: Hubert Sielecki