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 Art Visuals & Poetry Poetry Film Award 2017 dedicated to films in German speaking countries


Award-ceremony  November 5, 2017   Art Visuals & Poetry main award to Gudrun Krebitz     Photo Michael Lukele


Jury statement  Art Visuals & Poetry Poetry Film Award German speaking countries 2017:


An exomoon or extrasolar moon is a natural satellite that orbits an exoplanet, that's a planet outside our solar system. Just like the planets and moons we orbit around each other. At times our paths cross. Some of these encounters have greater impact on our lives, some remain brief and elusive. »Just let the people float around you«, is some word of advice administered to the heroine in EXOMOON.


Gudrun Krebitz film touched us deeply with it's tender affection for the elusiveness of the present moment (but without any sentimentality whatsoever) and it's spot-on sense of being in exactly that moment. The filmmaker has the courage to speak of a sudden loneliness that is present once a moment or an encounter passes. She speaks of desire for the unknown, unexpected and extraordinary. And she creates an incredible intimacy between the spectator and the film's heroine, who fearlessly reveals her innermost thoughts and fears. The text that the film is based on was written by the filmmaker herself.


In EXOMOON we let ourselves be guided by the heroine's soft voice. Barefoot, yet determined she is making her own path through the film. In an intriguing mix of technique – film, painting, drawing – the filmmaker discovers a powerful translation for the heroine's emotions and observations. Elusiveness and presence, dreams and reality, the inside and outside, painting and film are no contradiction here. We let ourselves be taken away on a train of thought, destination unknown. Our ticket is a secret: The moon is a reliable accomplice in moments of great loneliness.



Cash prize: 500 Euro, donated by the festival

Text: Lisa Mai (dotdotdot Shortfilm Festival)