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Award-ceremony November 5, 2017, prize winners Sebastian & Daniel Selke                 Foto: Michael Lukele


Jury statement Special Award 2017 or Rilke Prize

The jury awards the film „rilke überoffen“ by Sebastian Selke for its perfect balance between emotion and abstraction. We find this balance on different levels in this film  - in the minimal music as well as in the Plattenbau imagery.

The picture juxtaposes with Rilke´s words, but on a deep level of emotion Sebastian Selke and Rilke are operating on an equal base. Both art works act of lost youth, memories and a certain pain. The poem speaks about a former love. Sebastian Selkes film is about his youth in the DDR of the 80thies in the Plattenbau of Eastern Berlin.

The jury was impressed by the intimate and fragile fusion of text and moving image caused by the music of the film.


We congratulate the winners!


Cash prize 300 Euro donated by  Art Visuals & Poetry

Text Sigrun Höllrigl