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There is a light - where? | Reading by Students of Language Arts

Poetry live

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival 2023

16 th of November 2023, 17:30
Location: Factory im Künstlerhaus, Am Karlsplatz 5,  1010 Wien

Reading in German by students of the master class Language Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Nicole Collignon, Hanka Taschenziegel, Felix Senzenberger, Konstantin Vlasich and Etienne Thierry provide insights into current text projects.



Nicole Collignon (1999, she/her) studied Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism as well as Language Arts in her Bachelor's degree. She is now studying for a Master's degree in Language Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Among other things, she has published in small anthologies, took part in the 35th meeting of young authors at the 2020 Berliner Festspiele, was nominated for the Wortmeldungen Förderpreis in 2022 and is the winner of the Wortmeldungen Förderpreis 2023. (only from Thursday to publish the info!!) She was a member of the Jenny and is active at the reading stage Sehr Ernste.


Felix Senzenberger

is studying language arts and German studies for a master's degree, writes poetry and prose and is working on his first novel.



Hanka Taschenziegel is a freelance artist from Vienna in the fields of painting,

literature and performance. In workshops and seminars she invites people to

to playfully discover their individual artistic expression, break down creative blockages

blockages and (re)discover resources.

In addition to her artistic and teaching activities, she is passionate about manual work on Vienna's construction sites.

"Stories from the Roof" is about Hanka Taschenziegel's experiences as a roofer's assistant.


Etienne Thierry
- studies

Master's degree in linguistics, before that in translation and interpreting.
- Lives after

years in Geneva, lives in Vienna again.
- has been teaching

has enjoyed teaching yoga and meditation for a long time.
- deals with

with language, translates from French and English and vice versa,
writes many short and not so short texts, often for exhibitions
exhibitions, and is currently working on her first novel.




Konstantin Milena Vlasich

Konstantin Milena Vlasich is a journalist and author. Vlašić

was born in 1992 and grew up bilingually in Veliki Borištof. He

lives and works in Vienna and Burgenland. Since his youth he has been

with politics and multilingual, artistic activities.

Since 2020, Konstantin Vlasich has headed the editorial team of the print and online magazine NOVI GLAS and