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The award winners 2017

People, we had three great day with lots of fantastic poetry shorts. The festival donates 5 prizes. The festival awarded the Austrian animator Gudrun Krebitz for her film "Exomoon" with the main festival prize. The Rilke Competition prize or Special Award goes to Sebastian and Daniel Selke for their interpretation "rilke überoffen". The only Honorable Mention of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival goes to Andrea Capranico from Italy for "The Landscape Within". The Hubert Sielecki Award for the best Austrian poetry film of the festival goes to Moritz Stieber "Die Tatsachen im Fall Waldemar". The OKTO audience award goes to Christian Heinbockel for his film "Speaking about love". Next upcoming poetry film screening is December 12, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, 1010 Vienna. Entry is free! More upcoming.
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Art Visuals & Poetry on Tour Freies Kino Künstlerhaus Wien

Call for submission Weimar Poetry Film Award

Start of Art Visuals & Poetry on Tour Freies Kino Künstlerhaus Vienna

Short statement of the festival director: A festival alway lives from the quality of all films together, even though only a few ones can be honored by a cash prize or honorable mention. We want to thank all film makers for their contribution to the Vienna Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival. You all have made this festival as great as it was! Thank you!

Main Award German Speaking Countries

Gudrun Krebitz "Exomoon 06:19 min. 2016
Gudrun Krebitz "Exomoon" animation 6:19 min.  2016

The main award goes to the the hand drawn animation film "Exomoon" by Gudrun Krebitz. The film is about the identity and solitute of a female character. The moods of the female character are changing during the brush-strokes between fear, belief and hope. Jury statement:

Best Feature Film - Honorable Mention

Andrea Capranico (I) "The Landscape Within"    Documentary,  94 Min. 2015

A In 2017 the only Honorable Mention of the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festivals  goes to the lyrical documentary  "The Landscape Within" by Andrea Capranico. The film documents a process of healing by following the bodypainter, photographer Eric Nui Cabales on his way out of the crisis caused by the death of his father. Link to the jury statement

Rilke Prize or Special Award 2017


The festival awards the two Berliner musicians and brothers Daniel & Sebastian Selke for their music film "rilke überoffen" memorizing the festival poem "To Lou Andre-Salome" by memorising their own youth in the Plattenbau of the DDR in the 80thies. Link to the jury statement:

OKTO-Audience Award

C. Heinbockel (D) "Speaking about love " 19:26 Min. 2017

The OKTO-Audience Award went to  Christian Heinbockel and his charming short film "Speaking about love". The film is about love chaos, onesided love stories and a hip-hop-love serenade out of the window. Nice to have & pleasant. Link to the award-ceremony

Hubert Sielecki-Award

Moritz Stieber (A) "The facts in the case of Mr. Valdemar" 9:44 Min. 2014

Der Hubert Sielecki-Preis goes to  Moritz Stieber for " The facts in the case of Mr.  Valdemar". The film is based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poes. It ´s about a hypnotiseur, who hypnotizes his dying friend Mr. Valdemar. Link to the jury statement

Special Mention IPitch TV

Manuel Vilarinho "Chamada Geral"

2 additional material prizes of our partner IPitch TV will go to two international poetry films. One goes to Dave Tynan (Irland) for his film "Heartbreak" and another one to Manuel Vilarinho (Portugal) for  "Chamada Geral". We will present both films in our online film magazine soon!

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