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Poetry films are often hybrids and not easy to categorize. In its apperance they show the typical diversity of short films. In categorizing poetry films we follow a genre based approach.

We split them into



In the category "Textfilm Made in Austria" we will point out leading poetry films from Austria to give an overview about the local poetry film production. Also the spoken word films need a special filming approach, even though I would not open up a own an own category. Many very good films are either password protected for curators or only accessible via Video On Demand Services (VoD). Due to the fact, that we want to help film makers to create revenues with this magazine, we will reference in future to these Video On Demand Services (VoD), if possible.


Curators' perspectives

Our approach is selective, we do not want to show too many films. The Art Visuals & Poetry selection should be different from vimeo or You Tube. In most cases we do not review the works. The selection itself shows, that we appreciate and value the film.
We also do not promote 1:1 the same films online, which we choose for the festival. Festival films may be different, slower, longer and made for the big cinema screen. Online films have a different dramatic line. They are normally shorter and more intense in comparison to the cineastic poetry films. As a result you may find the longer text films at the festival and the shorter ones promoted online.


If you log in, you are able to comment the selected films.


Sigrun Höllrigl, Director Art Visuals & Poetry



Dear Diane
Super, thanks. I prefer a genre approach and not mixing up all poetry film genres together. 
News for all: There will be a big webportal relaunch around April 10, 2017, after the poetry film competition is closed. We will get a stunning new interface design. Building up this new website will be work in progress. I will be definitely happy, if you all are going to co-participate by comments on films or articles in the new community space. We may also include a new film rating system to figure out the audience favorits.
Right now our web system Drupal 8 is fresh and the software needs further development. We could not install all things we wanted to have. But please keep in touch and check the new site again after its relaunch.