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Poetry Films about Georg Trakl

In the course of the performance series Trakl Remixed, five further poem adaptations after Georg Trakl poems have been created as fim projects. Sigrun Höllrigl worked together with the Belgian video artist Marc Neys. The texts written for the performance serie were re-recorded in a studio session. The two film works by Marc Neys are independent of the live performances "Trakl Remixed".

The 3 Trakl film adaptations by 4youreye are based on live recordings at the Literaturhaus Salzburg. The cinematic work is also based on the live visuals of the performance on location, or the visual material was only slightly revised and condensed. It reads Hubsi Kramar.


requiem auf georg trakl / Requiem on Georg Trakl
Trakl Remixed
Directors Sigrun Höllrigl/Marc Neys
Video art work Marc Neys, Text Sigrun Höllrigl


"Requiem on Georg Trakl" is a political movie. The death metaphors in the poetry of Georg Trakl are interpretated as visions of the deads of first and second World War. The movie is about the poet as a visionary and outcast of society. The artist stays lonely because he has another view of reality - he "sees" in another reality. 


ein blaues tier sich verneigt / a blow animal bows
Trakl Remixed
Director Marc Neys (Belgien)

Text Sigrun Höllrigl

The film “ a blue animal bows“ is a free adaption of the vision of beauty by the Austrian expressionist poet Georg Trakl. The poem from Sigrun Höllrigl follows Pascals‘ philosophy „l’homme est un néant capaple de Dieu“ and describes beauty as a quality, which is inherent and part of the human nature.


Georg Trakl: Im Dorf
Live Visuals 4youreye, Trakl Remixed




Georg Trakl: De Profundis
Live Visuals 4youreye, Trakl Remixed





Georg Trakl: Grodek
Live Visuals 4youreye, Trakl Remixed