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Performance Trakl Remixed 




Trakl Remixed. Literaturhaus Salzburg, 2th of February 2012  8pm

Georg Trakl: Kaspar Hauser Lied

Kaspar Hauser Lied 

                                                                                        (*see English translation below)

Für Bessie Loos



From 2012 to 2017, Art Visuals & Poetry has repeatedly launched projects that dealt with cultural heritage and historical language forms. The authors selected for these projects came from Austria or from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Besides their relevance, the suitability of the texts for film adaptations was a key issue in decision making. The approach was to build a bridge with the cinematic level and the aim to bring the historical language forms closer to the present. The goal was to encourage new language experiences and create new ways of reception.

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