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The jury of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival 2019

In addition to our two cooperation partners, three new jurors will be on the jury in 2019. The independent jury awards the prizes of the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival Vienna.


Antonio Fian (writer)

(c) Bwag Commons

Antonio Fian, born 1956 in Klagenfurt, lives since 1976 in Vienna. He is the author of novels, short stories, essays and the so-called "Dramoletten", with which he comments on the Austrian cultural and intellectual life in the daily paper "Der Standard" . For his work in 1990 he was awarded the Austrian State Prize for Cultural Journalism, also u. a. the Johann Beer Literary Prize (2009), the Humbert Fink Literary Prize (2014) and the Reinhard Priessnitz Prize (2018). With his novel The Polycrates Syndrome (Droschl, 2014) he was on the longlist of the German Book Prize. Antonio Fian's texts on the genre »Dramolett«, which was first defined by him, live in constant tension between literature and reality. Fian plays with the everyday sensationalism of his potential readership. The Austrian publisher Droschl collected his »Dramoletts« in a series of individual volumes.



Martina Kudláček  (film maker and archivist)


Born in Vienna, Austria. She studied cinematography and documentary directing at FAMU the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague finishing with a Master of Fine Arts. She received her doctorate in Theater, Film and Media Studies from the University of Vienna.Her award-winning directing career has led her to an involvement in research and archiving for museums and private collections. She received the “Film Preservation Award” in 2004 from Anthology Film Archives in New York City and worked closely with its director Jonas Mekas. Her focus has been on biography and the history of avant-garde cinema, as exemplified in her feature-length films “In The Mirror of Maya Deren” (2001), “Notes on Marie Menken” (2005), and “Fragments Of Kubelka” (2012). Her work has screened at numerous international film festivals. She is currently completing a film on Kurt Kren.


Nikolaus Jantsch (film maker, head of the studio of experimental animation University of Applied Arts Vienna)


Born October 28, 1978 in Linz. 1999 Study of sociology. 2000 move to Vienna. Nikolaus Jantsch started to study painting and experimental animationsfilm in the class of Prof. Christian L. Attersee. 2006 he passed diploma with distintiction. 2012 he became the head of the animation department in the class of Prof. Judith Eisler at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He acchieved various festival screenings and honorable mentions for his animations and music videos. Portfolio link



Erika Kronabitter (writer, vice president GAV, head of the Poetry Award Feldkirch)

Born 1959 in Hartberg / Styria, childhood in Vienna, lives and works in Vorarlberg and Vienna (A). Study of Comparative Literature, German Studies / Art History in Innsbruck; Diploma thesis on the topic "theory and practice of experiments in literature" (2003). works interdisciplinary in the fields of literature (poetry, prosa, drama) and art (painting and digital painting, graphics, conceptual, video and photographic art, art in construction). Since 2003 initiator and organizer of the poetry award Feldkirch. Since 2008 editor of the series "poetry of the present", edition art science, since 2009 workshop director for poetry and creative writing.vice president of the Grazer Autorinnen Autorenversammlung, the Austrian writers' association, the European writers association DIE KOGGE, the IG authors and authors, member of the professional association of visual artists austria - BVBK steiermark and the IG bildenden kunst.



Hubert Sielecki (independant film maker, co-curator of Art Visuals & Poetry)

Hubert Sielecki   -  1946 born in Carinthia, Austria. Studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Scolarship at the Film University (Animation Film) and at the Art University (painting) in Lodz, Poland. Since 1973 Freelance work with experimental color photography, with electronically, mechanically and acoustically reacting objects, environments, performance, posters without commercial purposes, old photographic techniques, Music. Various exhibitions. Film: 1982 - 2012 Lectorship for experimental animation film at the University of applied Arts in Vienna.