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Strategien der Wirtsfindung (A)

Textfilm Made in Austria by Brigitta Falkner (text & animation)

Winning film of the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival  2014  - local competition "Textfilm Made in Austria".

Jury statement:

Brigitta Falkner goes with her poetry into the area of natural sciences: She leads us in the past worlds of "prehistoric animals and giant larvae and raptor pack, " and into" mesozoic thicket of ferns. There we find  "amphibious mutations" "worms, maggots and microbes" with  "abdominal annexes". The text could be a lecture on the evolution of flora and fauna, but it isn´t. „In strategies of host finding“ the parable of metamorphosis and transformation becomes a comic form, in which ultimately everything - even a vacuum cleaner, a cassette tape or a flip-flop slippers – ends up in the same microbiology swamp. "The end points to the beginning" and this this brave little film poem refers to perpetual course of things.





Brigitta Falkner, born in 1959 in Vienna, lives currently in Vienna. She creates books, short films, photos, comics, and drawings. Last book publications: Populäre Panoramen I (Klever, 2010) und Strategien der Wirtsfindung (Matthes & Seitz, 2017). Expositions at Literaturhaus Graz (2015) and at  Literaturmuseum Wien (2016).