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Submitted by on 7 October 2018
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Drop of water & soap bubble. Films on the poetry of Joachim Ringelnatz


Leipzig, Gemany



 Films on the poetry of Joachim Ringelnatz

In cooperation with the Ringelnatz-Society Cuxhaven, the Joachim-Ringelnatz-Museum Cuxhaven, the Ringelnatz-Society in Wurzen and the Museum of Cultural History Wurzen, the Society for Contemporary Poetry in Leipzig announces

in the period of 7th August 2018 to 15th July 2019

her 4th Poetry Film Competition, which is dedicated to the poetry of Joachim Ringelnatz.

The compeititon is based on a  realeased audio book with poems called  „Joachim Ringelnatz, Wassertropfen & Seifenblase. Selected Poems“. The text and audio books contain 39 read poems, five of them also in English.

The prize money and awards in the total value of approx. 2.500 € will be as follows:

Price I: 500 €

Price II: Invitation to the Leipzig Book Fair 2020 (including two hotel nights for two persons, travel expenses and entrance tickets)

Price III: 300 €

Price IV: Hotel stay in the Ringelnatz town Wurzen (two nights for two persons)

Price V: Hotel stay at Hotel Ringelnatz in Rostock-Warnemünde (two nights for two persons)

Special Prize I: Noble fountain pen in sterling silver for „The Special Manuscript“

Special Prize II: 200 € for a filmmaker under 18 years of age (date of submission)

Special prizes can be awarded in combination with regular prizes.

You can choose from all the poems by Joachim Ringelnatz, who was born in Wurzen in 1883 and died in Berlin in 1934. For the participation no participation fee is charged, but a registration is necessary.

The award winners will be announced and the best films will be publicly presented in the Joachim-Ringelnatz-Museum Cuxhaven in autumn 2019. Additionally, the films will be shown during presentations in Bremen, Cologne, Leipzig, Rostock-Warnemünde, Vitte (Hiddensee) and Wurzen in 2020. Also, we intend to produce a DVD for the use of Ringelnatz Poetry Films in schools.


Please register via e-mail to: for participation in the competition, stating your name and address.

Link to the organizer: