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A Day at the Mall Reminds me of America by Ayse Altinok/Sarah Blake (USA)

The poetry film is about the adolescence of two young girls in modern USA. The film was produced by Motionpoems.

Event calendar

Open Call Poetry Film competitions Weimar

Residency writer/film maker - poetry film

Call for entries Cadence Video Poetry Film Festival (USA)

Call for entries ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2020

Ausschreibung ZEBRA Poetry Filmwettbewerb 2020

Visual Poetry W. Mark Sutherland Vienna

Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival

The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival is the second largest poetry film festival and is held bi-annually. The festival photos can be seen on Flickr . The next edition of the Vienna Poetry Film Festival is planned for late autumn 2021. The new call for entries for the competitions will be published at the beginning of 2021. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

In 2019, the festival was held from November 29 to December 1 in Vienna's METRO Kinokulturhaus. 101 films were shown over three days. In total, prize money of 1800 euros was distributed. And the winners are... Main prize German Speaking Countries Alexander Gratzer APFELMUS
Hubert Sielecki-Award Rüdiger Rohde DESORIENTIERT
SPECIAL AWARD Jim Hall /Diana Taylor ZUERST (exaequo)
International Audience Award Garo Berberian TANIEL

Festival background

Head of the festival

Head of the festival

Sigrun Höllrigl

Sigrun Höllrigl has founded the Austrian Poetry Film Festival in 2013. She studied literature (MA) and works as a writer, film maker and event organizer in Vienna. In 2015/16 she has published two novels "Odysseus X" and "The Camp" and realized poetry films with other film makers.

On Tour Screenings

The Art Visuals & Poetry organizes poetry film screenings within the festival pause with partners all over Austria

We are mainly based in Vienna, where we already screen in the most renowned art house cinemas of the town. For example Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus is located beneath Musikverein in the heart of the old city center of Vienna. The screenings are organized in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Vienna, which is the oldest art fine association in Vienna. The Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival on Tour programme was scheduled for January 7,2020 at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Vienna. The USA programme of the festival will be repeated in autumn 2020 in Vienna.

Festival poem

Festival poetess

Festival poetess

Sophie Reyer

Festival poet 2019 was the Viennese author Sophie Reyer. A total of 12 film adaptations of her poem "Zuerst/First" (English translation Mark Kanak) were shown at the festival as part of the poetry film competition. Sophie Reyer writes plays, novels and poems. She is a composer and makes her own poetry films. However, her very own profession is poetry.