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Submitted by on 20 September 2020
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litfilms – Literature Film Festival Münster


The festival takes place in Münster as well as the surrounding area.



From 2020 on, LITFILMS is the first festival in Germany that addresses itself explicitly to the various adaptations of literary texts.



The relationships between all the different literary genres and the medium film are as diverse and persistent as film itself. Literary texts have always provided the basis especially for narrative films but for more experimental forms as well. LITFILMS does not only encourage but also demand discussion about the requirements and opportunities for literature films and offers a platform especially for artistically ambitious formats. The first edition of LITFILMS takes place from September 16th to October 11th 2020 in Münster as well as in the surrounding area and includes especially well-established literary places. The program itself will be a hybrid of workshop and festival. It is open not only to ambitious films and texts in dialogue but also meant to encourage further curatorial and artistic exploration of the field. LITFILMS discusses the interface between literature and film and “intermediate spaces” is the festival’s guiding theme in its first year. On the one hand, they refer to intermediality and media change within the process of cinematically adapting literary texts. On the other hand, they refer to an almost transcendent area: Two different kinds of art merge into a third, lines blur, and intermediate spaces become visible. Furthermore, a three-month residency is part of the festival program. The residency offers young writers and filmmakers time, space and a budget to work collaboratively with each other, explore the area, and discuss topics like urban vs. rural life, internal limits, regional and European identity formation etc. The artists selected will also curate part of the festival program. Thus, the festival will continue to evolve dynamically. The program including film screenings, readings, workshops, discussions and performances.



Festival locactions 2020                                                 Link to the festival homepage

Schloßtheater Münster

Kanonierplatz / Melchersstraße 81
48149 Münster
Tel. 0251 987 12 333

Cinema & Kurbelkiste

Warendorfer Str. 45
48145 Münster
Tel. 0251 30 300

Westfälischer Kunstverein
Rothenburg 30

48143 Münster
Tel. 0251 46157

für Kunst und Kultur

Domplatz 10
48143 Münster
Tel. 0251 5907 201

Black Box im cuba

Achtermannstraße 10 – 12
48143 Münster
Tel. 0251 54 895

Burg Hülshoff

Schonebeck 6
48329 Havixbeck
Tel. 02534 1052

Kloster Bentlage Rheine

Bentlager Weg 130
48432 Rheine
Tel. 05971 918 400

Scala Filmtheater Warendorf

Klosterstraße 5
48231 Warendorf
Tel. 02581 1718