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Brigitta Falkner: Strategien der Wirtsfindung

Strategien der Wirtsfindung (A)

Textfilm Made in Austria by Brigitta Falkner (text & animation)

Winning film of the Art Visuals & Poetry Film Festival  2014  - local competition "Textfilm Made in Austria".

Jury statement:

Brigitta Falkner goes with her poetry into the area of natural sciences: She leads us in the past worlds of "prehistoric animals and giant larvae and raptor pack, " and into" mesozoic thicket of ferns. There we find  "amphibious mutations" "worms, maggots and microbes" with  "abdominal annexes". The text could be a lecture on the evolution of flora and fauna, but it isn´t. „In strategies of host finding“ the parable of metamorphosis and transformation becomes a comic form, in which ultimately everything - even a vacuum cleaner, a cassette tape or a flip-flop slippers – ends up in the same microbiology swamp. "The end points to the beginning" and this this brave little film poem refers to perpetual course of things.



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Brigitta Falkner, born in 1959 in Vienna, lives currently in Vienna. She creates books, short films, photos, comics, and drawings. Last book publications: Populäre Panoramen I (Klever, 2010) und Strategien der Wirtsfindung (Matthes & Seitz, 2017). Expositions at Literaturhaus Graz (2015) and at  Literaturmuseum Wien (2016).